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David Bartlett - The LOTE Agency

$900K ARR to $7M ARR

LOTE's annual recurring revenue skyrocketed from $900K to $7M , even achieving a $1M day. We achieved this by establishing a clear value proposition, targeted high-value clients, prioritising team development and efficiency, and implementing an operations manager. David, now enjoys extended vacations as his business flourishes autonomously, has expanded from 5 to 35 staff.

Darren Urquhart - RiseLocal

Tripled (3X) Bottom Line Profits
80% Increase MRR

We developed a focused strategy using 90-day sprints, consistently implementing refined short-term goals, avoiding rapid growth, streamlining tasks, and creating a scalable, accessible product offering.Darren now has a leaner team and has empowered his staff to manage clients and deliverables autonomously.He's freed from exclusive responsibility and can now enjoy consistent holidays.

Valentina Borbone - Banter Group

9 to 18 Staff Members

Banter Group's team grew from 9 to 18 staff, with an operations manager implemented, allowing Val to reduce 80-hour work weeks and take ad hoc weeks off for overseas travel.We gained clarity on the business's purpose for Val, established working hour boundaries, and encouraged delegation for a continued focus on the ultimate objective.Finally, we implemented repetitive systems and playbooks, working in 90-day sprints for effective progress.

Shaan Nicol - Chillybin

2.5X Revenue

Shaan Nicol has seen a 2.5x increase in company revenue and has been able to move the business from Singapore to Australia. He doesn't work evenings anymore and is no longer the bottleneck for all of the work.